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Reception - Da Vinci and Goldsworthy

Important dates:

Monday, 3rd May 2021- May Day Bank Holiday- School closed

Tuesday, 18th May 2021 and Thursday, 20th May 2021- Parents Evening

This term in Reception. Summer - Enchanted Woodland

Class Reads: We will be looking at two “Talk for Writing” texts this term.  The first will be Jack and the Bean stalk, we will have a go at writing our very own instructions on how to plant a bean.  We will then be looking at the story “Bertie and the Dragonfly” which is a lovely story about a very inquisitive dog.  We will use these texts as a starting point for lots of activities across the curriculum.


Personal, Social and

Emotional Development:

We will continue with the jigsaw programme ‘Relationships’.  During this topic we will look at friendships and what makes a good friend.

We will be supporting children to challenge themselves as part of their purposeful play.

We will encourage the children to look after their environment and resources.

Physical Development:

PE lessons will continue in the hall we will follow the “real PE” scheme and the topic “Big Top Time” where the children will develop a small range of skills and link two movements together.

We will continue to use tools appropriately - eg cutting accurately with scissors, using water colour brushes with precision.

Communication and


We will talk about what we are learning and answer ‘how’ and ‘why’ questions about our experiences.

We will re-tell stories and create our own verbally in collaboration with friends.



We will have a focus on blending words to read and segmenting words to write using the Phase 2 and 3 digraphs we have learnt.

We will continue to recap and consolidate our phase 3 sounds and tricky words. 

We will read and write complete sentences matched to our phonics skills. To do this, we will need to remember phonics, capital letters, finger spaces and full stops!   


We will have daily focus Maths sessions.

We will look at addition and subtraction.

We will identify teen numbers and order number cards to 20.

We will understand and name one more and one less.

Understanding the World:

We will be planting beans, sunflowers and creating our very own cress heads and discussing how and why things grow and observing the changes over time.

We will look at the different parts of flowers and plants and discuss what they do.

Finally, we will have some caterpillars join our class for the term. We will discuss the life cycle and release the butterflies into our school garden.

Expressive Arts and Design:

We will make flower collages.

We will use water colours, oil pastels and chalk to draw and paint real life flowers.

We will design and make a bug hotel.

We will create our own “Enchanted Woodland” using transient art using natural materials we have found.

In music, we will continue to work with Mrs Stott using instruments to build rhythms and accompany songs.


Your child will continue to bring home their Barry Bookbag.

Please try and read with your child every day. We will change their books/word cards each week. Please write in their comment books when you have read with them at home.

At the end of term, you will receive ‘Holiday Homework’ with details of next term’s theme and suggested activities you could do to help move your child’s learning forward at home.


Brilliant relationships with families, children and the team.

Explore and investigate

Secure, happy, collaborative pupils

Team knowledge of the Early Years


Directed tasks to reach all children

Active observations to grab every teachable moment

Yearly overview to map objectives …always changing


ELG achieved in line with national expectations

Variety of learning experiences

Engaged learners

Ready to move into their next phase

Reception 2020 - 2021

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