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A huge welcome to the new children starting at Barry Primary School in September. We can’t wait to meet you all! #startingschool

Please click here to download a Nursery Admission Form for September 2021.

Welcome to Barry Primary School

Mr Will Brooks, Headteacher

It is my privilege as Headteacher to extend a warm welcome to the Barry Primary website and thank you for visiting. Our school not only strives for high academic standards for children, but we also have the ambition for everyone that is part of our school to achieve their fullest potential in a far broader sense, celebrating creativity, individuality, integrity and diversity.

We are proud of having a long history of putting children at the heart of everything we do and of the close-knit, supportive “family-feel” that visitors to our school always comment on; it is this CARE that forms an integral part of our school vision and values.

Our dedicated staff team, our wonderful children and the excellent relationships that exist between all members of the school community have helped us to achieve our Good status. This website aims to celebrate the broad range of opportunities and achievements at our school, as well as further contributing to the partnership that exists within our lovely learning community.

We hope that you enjoy the site and are as proud of our children’s achievements as we are.


In order to open fully and remain open, we have to ensure we have strict measures in place to protect pupils and staff as much as is reasonably possible. If we cannot meet the safety requirements, we will have to limit the number of children in school at any given time.

Our risk assessment measures include:

  • Do not come to school if any member of the household has Covid symptoms.
  • One adult per household only entering the site with a face covering unless medically exempt.
  • Staggered start and end times for all pupils that everyone follows. These may have changed, so please check carefully the details below.
  • Clear one-way systems on site.
  • No gatherings in school or at the school gates. Adults (not children) are expected to socially distance.

These are the five steps most relevant to parents / carers; it really does make a difference to whether we can safely open in full or whether we have to limit the number of children to be Covid compliant. As always, I will put the safety of your children and of staff as the highest priority without exception.

We look forward to welcoming you back for what we all hope is the end to lockdown forever! 

See you soon :)

Stay safe.

Drop off and collection times - please respect social distancing measures - thank you.

To prevent paths crossing please can all Parents/Carers, no matter which gate you enter, please LEAVE by the car park gate.

If you have children in different Year Groups please follow your childs earliest time/entrance.  

At this time children may not play on the equipment or in the garden.   

Thank you for wearing a face mask and social distancing when you are on the school grounds. 

We appreciate your continued support.

In the morning, gates will open at 8.45 and close at 9.00 and in the afternoon, gates will open at 3.00 and close at 3.20.  Please come to the School Office if you are late.




Year 1 and Year 2

8.45 – TOP GATE  


Year 5 and Year 6

8.45 – MAIN GATE


Nursery and Reception

8.55 – TOP GATE


Year 3 and Year 4

8.55 – MAIN GATE


Reception and Nursery Classes - September 2021

We would really like to welcome you to our school community and we invite you to take a look at the short videos we have made of our Reception setting and Nursery setting.  Please also take the time to browse our website which is packed with information about our school.

Please click here for a Nursery Application Form.

Please click on the link below for information about: STARTING RECEPTION AT BARRY PRIMARY SCHOOL

Free school meals are available to all children in Reception.  On the day your child starts school you will be given an account activation letter and you will then be able to book lunches online.  In the meantime, please send your child to school with a packed lunch.  

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School News Feed
  • Important
    25 March 2021
    Message from Public Health Northamptonshire
    Dear Parent / Carer Please take the time to read the attached letter from Public Health Northamptonshire. Thank you for your continued support.
  • Newsletter
    12 February 2021
    End of Term Newsletter 12th February 2021
    Dear Parent / Carer Please find attached a copy of the newsletter. Thank you for your continued support.
  • Important
    22 January 2021
    A letter from the Local Authority - please read
    Dear Parent / Carer Please find attached a letter from the Director of Children’s Services and the Director of Public Health from Northamptonshire County Council. Thank you for your continued support.
  • Home_learning
    7 January 2021
    Dear Parent / Carer, We would like to share with you some key information about remote learning provisions currently available for children not in school and how this provision will be developed over the coming weeks. Currently, remote learning information and materials are available via our school website on the home learning page. The page gives an overview of our provision and links to good quality learning websites, as well as access to online lessons via the Oak National Academy link. To access resources from your child's class teacher, you need to click on the blue REMOTE LEARNING link at the very top of the home learning page (under the green banner). Organised by year groups, you can access the material covered in class for each week. Resources may include a combination of video, powerpoints, set worksheets and activities to complete. It is the Department of Education expectation that primary schools provide up to 3 hours of remote learning for children to access daily. This can be through combinations of school designed resources, access to other educational resources and through relevant educational websites / media. The combination of worksheets, set activities (such as reading a book, writing or doing a practical task) in addition to those requiring a device such as mobile phone, tablet or laptop means that families with more than one child can stagger use of devices more easily. As there is a national lockdown with a "stay at home" message, we want to fulfil our responsibilities by reducing the number of people coming into school. Therefore, instead of issuing worksheet packs, we are asking that you view worksheets online if you are unable to print them at home and for your child to write the answers in their book or on paper. The school may only consider packs being made available for collection if your family is facing extreme circumstances. If you believe this to be the case, please contact the school office by email to explain the reason for your request to be considered. The leadership team is currently developing plans to implement remote learning through Google Classrooms. This platform enables teachers to upload work to the children in their class who are learning from home, giving them access to the learning materials covered in school and providing the opportunity for feedback on work completed. Please note, this will not be live streaming or recorded lessons. It is expected that we will move to this new platform in the next few weeks. More information will follow in due course. In the meantime, we hope you continue to learn and be safe whether you are with us in person or in our thoughts. Mr Brooks
  • Newsletter
    18 December 2020
    End of Term Newsletter
    Dear Parent / Carer Please find attached a copy of the newsletter. Thank you for your continued support.
  • Important
    9 December 2020
    End of Term
    Dear Parent / Carer School will close as normal on Friday 18th December. Our Training days are already set for Monday 4th and Tuesday 5th January 2021. Schools have been asked to operate a 'Track and Trace' system for the first two days of the Christmas break. If your child develops symptoms or tests positive for Coronavirus on Saturday 19th or Sunday 20th December we are asking you to inform us by email at the following address cov19@barryprimary.org. After this point you will need to contact NHS Track and Trace. This is so we can inform possible contacts that they need to self isolate. Thank you for your continued support.
  • Important
    27 November 2020
    Dear Parents / Carers, Please can I remind you that if you enter through the top playground gate, you should exit through the car park gate, even if this is less convenient. In my observations this week, there are still many parents trying to exit out of the top gate going against the one-way flow put in place to enable us to stay open. What is disappointing is that some parents wait until they believe no member of staff is watching, sneaking through in the same way we might expect of children. As adults, you understand why we have to put these measures in place - so please follow the one way system to help keep our pupils, staff and other parents safe. If you are entering our premises, we would appreciate parents who are not exempt to wear face coverings to reduce the risk of transmitting any infection at the busiest times of our school day. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in this really important safety matter. Mr Brooks
  • Important
    6 November 2020
    Additional Measures during National Lockdown
    Dear Parents / Carers, Thank you to many families supporting our additional safety measures whilst we are in a national lockdown. We really appreciate those who are able to wear a face covering doing so. Please can I remind you not to allow your child on the large playground equipment before or after school - if you are waiting on the playground to collect a child from another year group, you need to keep your children with you as we are not permitted to mix year group bubbles outside of individual households. Once you have your children, please exit promptly so that we do not have larger groups than absolutely necessary, thank you. Stay safe and well. Will Brooks
  • Important
    4 November 2020
    National Lockdown
    Dear Parents / Carers As you will be aware, there will be a national lockdown that comes into force on Thursday 5th November: Barry Primary will remain open to ALL pupils. At this moment in time, the Department of Education has not yet released the updated guidance to schools. Until official guidance is released, I would like to ask all parents / carers to support us by doing the following: Whilst lockdown is in place, please wear a face covering during drop off and collection. Only one adult per family to come to the school for drop off / collection. Ensure that you use the correct gates and the correct times for your child, following our one way systems. Keep 2 metres distance where possible Please do not come to the school office in person during drop off / collection times. As our families are so good at getting the children into school promptly, our gates will now shut at 9am. If you arrive after this time, please take you child to the main office. Our staff will now also have the option to wear face coverings on the playground during drop off / collection times only. Thank you for helping keep our school safe. Will Brooks
  • Newsletter
    23 October 2020
    Newsletter Term 1
    Dear Parents / Carers Please find attached a copy of the school newsletter and attachments. If you are in receipt of free school meals and will find it difficult to feed your child/children over half term please see the link below for details of local support available. https://www.facebook.com/10028570971/posts/10158997608100972/?extid=0&d=n Stay safe and see you all on Monday, 2nd November 2020
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